It is with great pleasure that Jingjing Fan presents her debut Ready-to-Wear Spring Summer 22 Fashion Show, taking place at an impressive Sand Quarry.
Showcasing at London Fashion Week on
September 18th at 3:15 pm (BST) / 4:15 pm (CET)


This season is a continuation of Creative Director, Jingjing Fan's vision: ‘I am always inspired by what is around me, this collection was drawn from summer vacations spent in my favourite beach towns. Imagining the sound of the waves crashing, sand seeping through my toes, the beautiful sunlight, clear blue skies and all the summer fruit you can imagine. I have incorporated light weight fabrics such as silk for the day and crepe wool knits for the golden hour evenings. Colours throughout such as lime green, orange blossom and subtle apricot tones drawing this picturesque summer mood.’


This collection is influenced by nature and scenic destinations; therefore, we invite you on a journey to a beautiful clear white Sand Quarry just outside of Paris. The show space is pure and delicate, transporting you to an ephemeral journey of our debut Spring Summer collection.


Including 30 key looks, Jingjing Fan has designed a ready-to-wear collection in accordance with our iconic bags and shoe styles. Inspired by the Costal scenery, the colour pallet embraces soft warm tones with pops of uplifting colours and prints throughout, such as soft peach and arancia. 30 per cent of the materials used are recycled, biodegradable or certified sustainable.